All Grooming Appointments Include:

  • One on one pet consultation
  • Warm bubble bath and fluff drying
  • Ear cleansing
  • Nail trimming
  • Standard breed or requested clip and scissor finish


Deshedding process:

Works best with short-haired dogs to reduce your dog’s shedding by 80%! Lasts about 4 weeks! Perfect for Pugs, Boxers, Labs etc…

Flea Baths:

If flea’s are seen, a flea bath will be performed. Please note that it is not a preventative measure, just a removal.

Nail Filing:

Prevent snags in your dog’s nails (and your carpet or furniture) and scratching you! This is a totally painless process and makes nails nice and smooth!

Teeth brushing:

Although we recommend teeth brushing more often than just when your dog gets groomed, we can brush your dog’s teeth during their grooming session with us!

Nail Polish:

Isn’t just for humans. We have a variety of colors to pick from and even some designer looks that great on your puppy’s feet!


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Professional Pet Grooming Services at your doorstep.

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